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Facts about InRo BioMedTek AB

In a short period Umeň has become one of the important Swedish centers for biotechnical research. Several biotechnology based researcher-owned companies have been established in Umeň and among them InRo.

Inro is owned to 2/3 by researchers and to 1/3 by Skanditek AB - an investor in biotechnology.

Monoclonal antibodies, InRo's speciality, were produced already in 1980 at the Department of Medical and Physiological Chemistry at the University of Umeň by researchers now active in InRo.

InRo has intimate cooperation with research groups at several university departments in Umeň. InRo also collaborates with a number of Swedish and foreign companies.


InRo BioMedTek AB is primarily involved in the development and production of monoclonal antibodies by hybridoma techniques. A hybridoma is an in vitro made fusion of two celltypes. One of them is a white bloodcell - a lymphocyte - which can secrete large quantities of specific antibodies. The other one is a tumour cell which easily grows in vitro. By the fusion hybrid cells are produced which on one hand easily grow in vitro and on the other hand secrete highly specific antibodies - so called monoclonal antibodies.

InRo BioMedTek AB also performes clinical laboratory diagnostics, biotechnical consulting, contract research and publishing of medical litterature.

Application areas for the products

Monoclonal antibodies can serve as reagents for the detection and quantitation of substances in blood and other biological fluids. They can be used to detect HIV-virus or they can serve as tumour markers for the detection of substances produced by tomours which are present in patient blood.

Another important application is for purification of biological substances in research and biotechnical industry by affinity chromatography.

A future application of great interest is in the theraphy using monoclonal antibodies coupled to chemoterapeutic agents as "magic bullets" directed to a specific site in the body such as a tumour.

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